Header Bidding, CPA and Content-Relevant Native Product Ads

Header Bidding (HB) bids on every impression, and therefore, is measured by CPM. On the other hand,  affiliate markets (Amazon, eBay, Commission Junction, etc.) works by CPA that you earn commissions based on how many referrals you generate.

For an affiliate market works with Header Bidding, you need to convert CPA to eCPM and make your bids based on eCPM. As a marketer, you will need to experiment with publisher’s content to come up with an eCPM.

As you may already know, Content-Relevant Native Product Ads are directly from affiliate markets and it works with CPA. So, you will need to convert CPA to eCPM to join the bid process of the Header Bidding.

Among other things (site traffic, demographics and locations), Content-Relevant Native Product Ads have one more advantage – Content Relevant, which means ads displayed are matched with page content. Here are a few key features of Content-Relevant Native Product Ads.

  • Content Relevant (better user experience without annoying irrelevant ads)
  • Native (go between content paragraphs seamlessly)
  • Works with Header Bidding (Prebid.js)

You can learn more about Content-Relevant Native Product Ads in the following blogs:

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Drop us a line at info@adrelevantis.com or contact us at https://www.adrelevantis.com/ if you have any question or would like to know more about Content-Driven Advertising.

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