Content-Driven Advertising for Publishers

To display ads relevant to page content, you need to drop the Adrelevantis ad tag to the page.

The Adrelevantis ad tag has integrated with a Content Analyzer service, the Adrelevantis Bidder Adapter, and the Google tag service. You include the tag code to a page and specify ad areas. The relevant ads are displayed.

The ad tag supports both banner ads and native product ads. Native product ads are ideal to mingle with page content since they not only look and feel like the content but also are relevant to the content.

With Content-Driven Advertising for Publishers, you focus on providing best content to your audience while we focus on providing relevant ads to monetize your content.

To learn how to add the Adrelevantis ad tag to a page, please go to to see the examples.

If you are a publisher or a SSP (Supply-Side Platform) and would like to have Content-Driven Advertising capability in your systems, drop us a line at

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