Content-Driven Advertising for Open Source Revive Ad Server

Content-Driven Advertising has been implemented in open source Revive Ad Server as Delivery Options. It is probably the first ad server that is capable of targeting ads based on content’s IAB Categories or content’s ranked keyword.

As you can see, the “Content – Category” and “Content – Keyword” are listed as delivery rules of Delivery Options for a banner.

The following screen shows that the banner is targeted to “travel” content, an IAB Category.

Now, the banner is ready for the targeted content. When a request with “travel” as its content category, the banner is selected and sent for display.

The source code for the Content-Driven Advertising of Revive Ad Server is packed as a php plugin. You can find the source code at

If your ad server is not Revive Ad Server and you would like it to have Content-Driven Advertising capability, drop us a line at

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