Learn and Try Content-Driven Advertising

Content-Driven Advertising is intuitive. However, it is challenging to put all pieces together, particularly in today’s open exchange world.

So, we put up an environment for you to learn by trying. In the end, you can see ads relevant to the page content that you are reading.

In order for Content-Driven Advertising to work, advertisers should be able to target ads to content types while publishers need to pass content types as part of bid data. This environment is for both advertisers and publishers.

For advertisers, we provide an adserver based on open source Revive Adserver with AdRelevantis’ Content-Target plugin as a type of Delivery Options. As an advertiser, you can create campaigns and add ads to the campaigns. Then, you can target the ads to specific IAB Categories. You are assumed to have basic knowledge of Revive Adserver. Please go to https://www.adrelevantis.com/advertiser.html to get started.

For publishers, we provide a SSP service that has integrated with open source Prebid.js with AdRelevantis’ adrelevantisBidAdapter. This adapter passes IAB Categories and ranked keywords of page content as part of the bid data. Our ContentDrivenTag is also used to retrieve content’s IAB Categories and ranked keywords, wrap GoogleTagService, and render product ads natively. You are assumed to have basic knowledge of Prebid.js programming. Please go to https://www.adrelevantis.com/publisher.html to get started.

Please contact info@adrelevantis.com if you have any questions.

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