Can Publishers and Advertisers Both Win?

In programmatic advertising, publishers and advertisers have had a love-and-hate relationship. Publishers like advertising money but are concerned by a downgraded user experience for their audience by displaying ads. Advertisers want to present ads to audiences, but are concerned about how effectively their advertising money is spent. The issue was such a concern that Bloomberg News announced it would pull the plug on open exchanges.

So, how do we address these concerns? The answer is Content-Driven Advertising. For too long, ad exchanges have served ads to audiences without knowledge of the content on the page, and the publishers can not control for content-relevant ads. With Content-Driven Advertising, ads that are relevant to page content are delivered and enhanced user experience is achieved. As a result, advertisers, publishers, and audiences all win.

At AdRelevantis, we have developed Content-Driven Advertising technology that displays ads based on page content. It has been integrated with open exchange Prebid with AdRelevantis Bidder Adapter. Using this, content-relevant ads are displayed dynamically in real time when a user is consuming the page content.

Here is an example that shows how Content-Driven Advertising is different.

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