Content-Relevant Ads with Prebid.js and Google Ad Manager

For publishers that would like to display content-relevant ads, you can go to Customize and Download Prebid.js and check Adrelevantis bidder adapter ( You can also build from source code. Once you have the code, add the code file to your page (replacing with real domain path).

<script async src="//">

Next, if you have a Google Ad Manager account and would like use it to manage your prebid.js header bidding, you can set it up by following this link ( Then, add the following line to your page.

<script async src="//">

Now here comes your secret sauce for displaying content-relevant ads. Just add the following line to your page.

<script src="//">

The above code parses the page content to identify its IAB Categories and top keywords and sends them to Adrelevantis bidder adapter for matching ads.

This is just a high-level description how Adrelevantis works with Prebid.js and Google Ad Manger to display content-relevant ads. There are still more details. Here is a working example to show how it works. Feel free to explore the source code of the page for the details.

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