Native Content-Driven Advertising Example

There are two approaches to do Native Content-Driven Advertising using AdRelevantis Bidder Adapter: Manually target keywords and IAB Categories, or use AdRelevantis Content-Analysis service. In this blog, we focus on manually targeting keywords and IAB Categories.

We assume that you know basic programming in Prebid.js. Please go here if you are new to Prebid.js.

Assuming that in a page you want to display ads that are related to golf US Open, you can provide the keywords and IAB Categories as First Party Data (fpd) as follows.

  bidders: ['adrelevantis'],
  config: {
    fpd: {
      context: {
        keywords: ['US Open'],
        data: {
          category: '/sports/golf'

You can find the complete code of this example at

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