Serve Relevant Ads in Mobile Apps

Serving relevant ads is ultimate goal for advertisers and publishers. However, today’s mobile adnetworks haven’t achieved much in ad relevancy. That may explain why the CTR (Click Through Rate) in mobile app is low.

To improve ad relevancy, it is intuitive to start with app content. For example, when a user scans a UPC code of Wii Video Game Console, a similar product advertisement like PlayStation Game Console or Just Dance DVD is presented. Or, for a shopping list app, the ads should be served based on the items in the list.

AdSmart network is a Content-Driven In-app Advertising technology platform. It matches ads based on the app content. Click here to find more about AdSmart.

SmartBars is a mobile app that consumes AdSmart ads. It demonstrates how relevant ads are served based on app content. Click here (iOS version only) to download it.

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